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Bud Abbott and Lou Costello star as a pair of window washers who are mistaken for bagmen by some gangsters.  When they lose $50,000 marked for a gambling debt, the mobster gives them 48 hours to recover the lost loot.  Desperate, the duo bet all their money on a long shot horse in hopes of a huge cash out.


The Noose Hangs High was the first picture Bud and Lou did away from their home at Universal.  Although it was made for an independent studio, Eagle-Lion the film still has good production values; something a lot of their non-Universal productions lacked.  The flick gets off on the wrong foot with a positively unfunny subplot about Lou having a toothache.  He gets into a lot of sub-par sitcom nonsense like tying the tooth to a dog and going to see a nearsighted dentist; none of which elicits many laughs.  


The film has a couple more dead spots like this, but fans of the duo will enjoy it because they do a lot of their patented routines.  There’s a good scene where Lou bets a mobster that he “isn’t here” that’s pretty funny.  The team also does their “Mustard” and “10 Year Old Girl” routines during a long dinner scene that provides some of the biggest laughs of the movie.  So stay with it through the slow parts because you’ll ultimately be rewarded with a not-bad entry in the team’s career.  (Their next film was their best, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.) 

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