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GALAXINA (1980) **

If Playboy Playmate Dorthy Stratten wasn’t murdered on the day this was released, it probably would have been completely forgotten. Now, it’s still not very memorable, but it’s good for a curiosity peek. It’s a dumb “spoof” of Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien and 2001 (and probably more), and it’s not very funny. What can you say about a movie when Avery (TV’s Match Game) Schreiber is the funniest person in the cast?

The main reason to watch is Stratten in his out of this world spandex outfit. She’s Galaxina, an android on a ship commanded by Captain Butt (are you laughing yet? Didn’t think so) played by Schreiber. She falls in love with Sgt. Thor (Stephen Macht) and becomes human. The crew searches for “The Blue Star”. There’s a terrible running gag whenever someone says “The Blue Star”, there’s a very loud and annoying choral arrangement.

The standout scene has the crew going to a space brothel (I guess they were trying to outdo the cantina scene in Star Wars), where there’s an alien hooker with three boobs (10 years before Total Recall!). The Blue Star is being held by a cult that worships Harley Davidsons. If you want to see aliens smoke pot, make out, and say “shit” a lot in the 31st century, by all means, check it out.

From the director of The Incredible Melting Man, William Sachs. Star 80 and Death of a Centerfold were biopics based on Stratten’s life and death.
Tags: comedy, g, sci-fi
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