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A masked killer is stalking and killing the actresses of the titular low budget sci-fi skin flick.  The sleazy producers decide to replace the latest dead actress with a notorious hooker-turned-author named Emmanuelle (Edy Williams).  They know if she gets killed too, they can just collect the insurance money.  Naturally, Emmanuelle has a history with the killer, which might give her an advantage to stay alive.


At first, I was disappointed that Bad Girls from Mars was actually not about Bad Girls from Mars, but the making of said film.  My disappointment soon dissipated once chicks started popping their tops.  Seriously, there’s a big old healthy set of boobs on display just about every five minutes in this movie.  With that kind of breast exposure, the flick could’ve been a documentary about shoelace making and I would’ve been glued to my seat.


The acting is also pretty good.  Williams has done everything from Russ Meyer movies to straight-up porn and she shows a flair for comic timing here.  I’m not saying she’s the screen’s funniest comedienne, but her breathless line readings of such dialogue as “The smell of garbage turns me into a wild woman!” sure made me laugh.  The flick also stars Brinke Stevens (who gets naked too) and Ray regular Jay Richardson (who fortunately doesn’t); both of whom are pretty funny.


This flick was directed by Fred Olen Ray.  That already tells you everything you need to know about the movie.  It’s no Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers to be sure, but Ray gives us enough tits and funny quips to keep you amused.


The best line of the movie comes from the film-within-a-film when a Martian chick says, “There is no room on Mars for limp dicks!”

Tags: b, comedy, exploitation, fred olen ray
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