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Legendary porn stars Ron Jeremy and Veronica Hart go to a snowbound cabin in the woods to make a porno with a bunch of amateurs.  During filming, an alien possesses Ron’s dick and detaches itself from his body.  Before long, the psychotic pecker goes around killing the bodacious babes in the cast.  It’s up to the surviving members of the crew to come up with a plan to kill the extraterrestrial Johnson.


One Eyed Monster has a great premise but unfortunately the flick is more clever than laugh out loud funny.  It’s also curiously low on tits (only one pair) and gore (a guy gets cut in half) too.  For a truly memorable killer cock movie, you should check out Bad Biology instead. 


The best thing I can say about One Eyed Monster is that Jeremy and Hart (who is still looking fucking fine) give really terrific performances.  They get a couple good scenes together and have touching monologues where they reminisce about the golden age of porn and bemoan the new era of fuck flicks.  Sad to say, Jeremy disappears fairly early on and Hart spends a lot of the movie passed out.


Incidentally, this is the second movie about the making of a movie starring an actor from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls I’ve watched in a row.  In this case, One Eyed Monster has the great Charles Napier as the Nam vet who knows how to dispose of a disembodied dick.  He also gets the best line of the movie when he says, “Circumcise it into oblivion!”


AKA:  Porn Horror Movie.

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