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The Video Vacuum

HONEY (1981) **

No, this isn’t that Jessica Alba/Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott crap.  This is crap from an entirely different goose.  It’s actually a pretty dull Eye-Talian sex flick.


A hot chick enters a movie producer’s house and forces him to read her new script at gunpoint.  The script is all about a chick going to stay with a rich MILF at her mansion.  After unpacking, she takes a bath and gets all touchy feely with the MILF (who kinda looks like a slightly less crazy version of Sean Young with Anna Nicole Smith’s tits).  She then spends the next hour or so of the movie wandering around the house and watching various people get it on.


Even though Honey features scads of TAB (that’s Tits, Ass, and Bush), that doesn’t exactly make up for how boring it is.  This flick put me to sleep pretty quickly and it took two sittings to get all the way through it.  It also doesn’t help that a lot of the film doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  Sure, the “twist” ending clears things up eventually, but it’s a long time coming.


Speaking of *cough* *cough* coming, I will say that there is one pretty hot scene where our heroine walks in on a dominatrix who makes her get on all fours and “confess her sins”.  I’ll admit this scene gave me a bulge in my boxers, big time.  So for that and that alone, Honey gets Two Stars from me.

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