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LOST IN AMERICA (1985) * ½

Albert Brooks gets passed over for a promotion and promptly tells his boss “Fuck you”.  Predictably, he gets fired.  He then convinces his wife (Airplane’s Julie Hagerty) to quit her job, liquidate their assets, and cruise around the country in a big ass Winnebago.  Their first stop is in Las Vegas for a second honeymoon, but their dreams get thrown out the window when Hagerty blows their nest egg at the roulette table.  Now the bickering couple has nothing to their names besides each other and a damned Winnebago.


I’m generally a big fan of Albert Brooks’ movies but this one is pretty much a disappointment.  The big problem (aside from being woefully low on laughs) is that both of our main characters just aren’t very likable.  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near these people, let alone trapped in a Winnebago with them for two hours.  Brooks and Hagerty’s performances aren’t bad per se; it’s just that their character’s actions are pretty irritating.  Probably the best performance though comes from Garry Marshall as a stingy casino owner.


And a lot of the sitcomy situations are really hard to swallow.  Take Hagerty randomly becoming a reckless gambler for instance.  There are a couple of weird plot developments like this in the movie that just seems rather desperate and arbitrary.  What’s more, it runs against the grain of the more realistic relationship humor in the film.  Oh yeah, and the ending sucks too.  It’s definitely not Brooks’ finest hour.


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