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HOT RESORT (1985) *

A bunch of chuckleheads from New York get a job at a resort hotel for the summer where they constantly try to score with the female guests.  They also have to contend with an asshole preppie rowing team who continually harass them.  When our “heroes” are cast in a commercial alongside the annoying preppies, they use the opportunity to exact their revenge.


Hot Resort is a terrible 80’s slobs vs. snobs teen sex comedy.  The jokes are all thoroughly lame and the characters are annoying.  The acting is uniformly horrible too.  From the no-name leads to the has-been talent (like Frank Gorshin); everyone pretty much gets on your nerves from the get-go and stays there.  Even the usually reliable Bronson Pinchot is grating as Hell.  I don’t know who told him that doing a Juan Epstein impersonation for the whole flick was a good idea.  In my opinion, if the filmmakers wanted Robert Hegyes, they should’ve gotten Robert Hegyes.


Hot Resort is bad even by my impossibly low standards.  From the sucky script to the listless pacing, to the crappy direction (there are several visible boom mikes); everything about Hot Resort adds up to a useless waste of celluloid.  Sure, there are a couple of tits on display, but not nearly enough to warrant spending 90 minutes of your life on. 

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