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Heather Vandeven catches her husband cheating on her and she hits the booze pretty hard.  Before long she gets zapped by a meteorite containing a luminescent alien that possesses her.  She then goes and has a long shower where she plays with herself and discovers the earthly joy of masturbation.  The amorous alien gets so hot and heavy that she quickly forgives her hubby and bangs him.  Heather makes necklaces out of the meteorite and hands them out to her housewife friends, which turns them into extraterrestrial nymphos too.


Housewives from Another World has seven sex scenes.  We get four Guy on Girl scenes, two Girl on Girl, and one Solo Girl in the shower scene.  I usually rate Skinamax movies by how often the sex scenes happen.  If I were to do that with this flick, I would say that there’s a sex scene about every ten minutes, which would place the film at about the Two Star mark.  But the reason the sex scenes seem so infrequent is because they go on forever and take up about 75% of the running time.  The scenes themselves are pretty hot and feature plenty of undulating and gyrating honeys dry humping like there’s no tomorrow.


The girls are also smoking hot.  Vandeven was Penthouse Pet of the Year and has a bright future ahead of her in the Skinamax game.  She really gets into her scenes and can actually act too; which isn’t necessarily required, but it’s nice to know.  The other gals in the cast are also memorable.  Christine (The Devil Wears Nada) Nguyen yet again has a couple of good scenes and porn star Rebecca Love has one of the most impressive racks I’ve seen in a long time.  The true test of these girls’ talents is that they’re almost as fun to watch with their clothes on as they are in their birthday suits.


Director Fred Olen (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers) Ray gives us some lulls in between the fuck scenes.  Yet these scenes are made bearable because again, the girls are actually decent actresses (well, decent for the realm of Skinamax that is).  The barely there plot helps and the women hardly ever remember to put their clothes back on after they take them off, which is always a good thing.  Housewives from Another World is no Busty Cops Go Hawaiian or anything but it’s consistently chub-inducing throughout, which is about the most you can hope for from a Skinamax flick.


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