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GAMERA VS. BARUGON (1966) ** ½

In Gamera the giant turtle's second film; three explorers steal a giant opal from a tropical island. The opal turns out to be an egg, and when hatched, the giant lizard Barugon emerges and attacks Japan. Barugon uses his battering ram tongue and freezing breath to level the country and nullify the army. Barugon also has the goofiest power ever possessed by a giant monster in the history of the silver screen. When cornered he can unleash a killer RAINBOW!!!

What were the Japanese thinking when they came up with this one?

Gamera, freshly escaped from his prison in space, comes back to Earth to go lizardo y lizardo against Barugon. In the final battle Barugon, who can only be killed by water (like any giant rainbow slinging reptile would be) is drowned by Gamera, who lives to fight another day.

It's slow going at first, but there's enough silliness for any fan of Japanese giant monster movies to enjoy. This was released in America as War of the Monsters. Gamera returned in Gamera vs. Gaos.

AKA: War of the Monsters.
Tags: g, gamera series, horror, mst3k, sci-fi
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