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CROCODILE (2000) **

Lake Placid did more harm than good.  After it’s moderate success, all these knockoff killer croc flicks started appearing on The SyFy Channel every other week or so.  Sure, every now and then you’d get a classic like Blood Surf, but for the most part, they all resemble Crocodile.


Some rednecks disturb a nest of crocodile eggs and their giant mother goes out for revenge.  After making meatloaf out of the rednecks, the killer croc sets her sights on a group of annoying teenagers who have come to the lake to party hearty for Spring Break.  When their houseboat runs aground, the teens become easy pickings for the carnivorous croc. 


Since Tobe Hooper made the cult classic killer crocodile flick Eaten Alive, you’d think he’d be the perfect director for something like this.  And he does what he can for the most part.  The plot is weak and all of the characters are irritating beyond belief, so the only way to properly judge the flick is on the attack scenes.  Although many of the attacks are of the “jump scare” variety, we do get a decapitated head, severed hands, and a decent scene where a guy gets bitten in half.  There’s also a pretty funny scene where the croc flips a dude into his mouth like a piece of popcorn.


All of this may have been acceptable if there had been a B level star to anchor the proceedings.  It might’ve been nice if someone of the Michael Rooker caliber had played the sheriff (heck, I would’ve even taken someone of the Casper Van Dien caliber), but no.  And it’s a shame that there aren’t any stars in the movie because the amateur cast just can’t cut the mustard.  I mean you know you’re in trouble when a dog trainer gets prominent billing in the opening credits.  The real stars are KNB Effects who created some pretty good crocodile effects.  So if anything, Crocodile is a reminder of a time when SyFy Channel flicks relied on rubber and latex monsters and not that awful CGI crap.  (Well, there are SOME CGI shots of the monster, but very few.)


The screenwriters of this flick went on to pen The Toolbox Murders remake for Hooper five years later.


AKA:  Crocodile 2.

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